Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sing, Live, Find

Lectio Divina

I, Paul, a prisoner of Christ for you Gentiles....

Ephesians 3:1


A new addition to the bookshelf:

Crosby, Michael H. Celibacy: Means of Control or Mandate of the Heart? Notre Dame, Ind.: Ave Maria Press, 1996.

Brother Michael is a Capuchin priest of the Province of St. Joseph. I want to read more works by my brothers in religion, and I would like to read at least one book about celibacy every year. Thank you, Brother Michael, for indulging me!


This morning, continuing our class sessions on the Franciscan movement, although in the absence of the formator giving us instruction. We were assigned into small groups and directed to compare and contrast chapters of the 1221 and 1223 editions of the Rule of Saint Francis that established the Order of Friars Minor. Reflection and written responses led into small group discussion, then large group discussion.

This afternoon, for hermitage time, a slow, meditative walk off the beaten path in the valley surrounding our campus, with periods of near-contemplation. Deep blue sky, firm rock of earth, rushing winds, and sunlight saturating everything. What a gift. What delight. Word of God on my mind and heart, body of God beneath my feet and all around me. There are songs to be sung, a life to be lived, risen life to be found. I will sing; I will live; I will look for and find the resurrection and the life.

Would that every day could be as still as this one.


The season has definitely turned. Sister Chill is our near-constant companion from sunset until mid-day. Now it is time to open the windows during the day and close them at night. The heat escapes easily. We intend not to burn energy heating our campus. I can't wait to snuggle under two or three blankets at night.

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