Monday, October 8, 2012


Lectio Divina

A reality check, useful especially for night prayer and examination of conscience:

You are following a different way that pretends to be the Good News....

Galatians 1:6


Continuing intermittently with the texts concerning Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker, particularly in advance of an outing on Thursday from San Lorenzo to Beatitude House, the Catholic Worker community in Guadalupe, west of Santa Maria.


Yesterday, Mass at St. Mark University Parish in Isla Vista on the campus of University of California-Santa Barbara. Then, cooking the evening meal, fettucine alfredo, but dairy-free; garlic bread; spinach and mushrooms sauteed in olive oil; and tossed salad. Despite the death of one of the two convection ovens and the blender, we made it to dinner time, albeit 15 minutes late (not on account of kitchen appliance malfunction, but my understimation of how long it takes for a large pot of water to boil!). Made way too much pasta, but at least everyone had their fill last night, and again at lunch this afternoon. Whatever is left over later this week, I will bring to Catholic Charities to share with the staff and volunteers on Friday. The key lime pies, made Saturday night, were a big hit (they're all gone); and the tofu pate I made for the appetizers was as popular as hummus, which guaranteed its swift disappearance.

This morning, gave my presentation on early monasticism with my small group. Many small compliments received for my teaching abilities, both for last week's presentation on Dorothy Day and today's. This afternoon, some light work on the November Caperone, and a brisk walk. This evening, a brief meeting of the schola, and prayerful silence before night prayer.

After several days of heightened classroom activities and more intense domestic duties, looking forward to stretching, relaxing, and entering into contemplative repose.


A delightful coolness throughout the day until the afternoon, when the warmth descended, delightful, too, in its own way. Praise be to God for blue skies and shining sun.

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