Monday, October 1, 2012

In 'All This'

Lectio Divina

In all this Job did not sin.

Job 1:22


Continuing research on the history of early monasticism and Dorothy Day. The presentation on Dorothy Day is this week; the one on early monasticism next Tuesday.


This morning: continuing our class sessions on the history of Christian spirituality, and preparing to present on the distinctive sources and aspects of Dorothy Day's spirituality with my small group. This afternoon, spiritual direction at Old Mission Santa Barbara. This evening, schola practice and another very short rehearsal with the small combo singing for our commemoration of the death of Saint Francis of Assisi, on Wednesday evening.

Assuming kitchen and liturgical duties concurrently this week. Kitchen duties began this morning; tomorrow I am prayer leader, and Wednesday I am the antiphoner and server at Mass.


Keeping cool in spite of the lingering summer heat.

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