Thursday, October 18, 2012

Healing of Ills


(Intended to be an occasional addition to the blog.)

Discipleship is play, not a diversion.
Love is service, not sentiment.
Prayer is attention, not escape.
Sacrifice is creation and gift, not destruction and loss.

Lectio Divina

....Who pardons all your sins,
and heals all your ills.


Plowing through Miller's biography of Dorothy Day. This is a monumental book fitting for an amazing life. I am growing deeper in love with this saint. Indeed, Dorothy Day is really the first saint I have ever loved with a genuine "feeling" of respect and reverence for her holiness and her powerful, truthful witness to faith, hope, and love in Christ. Not even Francis of Assisi has moved me as she has. But the spirit in Dorothy Day was also in Francis, and it is none other than the Spirit of God, the Holy One that was Christ Jesus. So all the saints are, in the end, really one, and they all lead us to the God of Jesus Christ.


Yesterday was hermitage time. I prayed, I read, I rested, and I voted. My absentee ballot awaits delivery to the local post office, along with some letters to friends. This hermitage time was much needed and much appreciated; it cleared away the ill humor I was in since Tuesday afternoon (for reasons that did not concern the formation program or the fraternity).

Today is extended personal time. I will exercise, I will pray, I will read, and I will write.


There was a fire in Santa Barbara County yesterday. The air remains warm after the cool snap of last weekend. Now a mighty wind has been stirred up, carrying with it a slightly humid air. It feels fresh, it feels clean, and it feels good.

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