Sunday, October 28, 2012

Another Hundredth Day

Lectio Divina

"Master, I want to see." 

Mark 10:51


Continuing with the same readings as before, and finishing the latest Catholic periodicals.


On this day, the hundredth day of the novitiate:

We are praying for one of the friars who has been hospitalized for a blood clot and is getting treatment.

We are praying for novices' families from the East Coast, because Hurricane Sandy, still stewing in the Atlantic Ocean, is going to make a left turn very soon.

And we are praying for the brother who is leaving us tomorrow morning. He is the second of our class of twenty-four to depart.

And we all have our own intentions, which, in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, we bring from the silence of our hearts into the silence of God. This afternoon at holy hour, I am praying especially for all the incarcerated men, women, and juveniles in prisons, jails, and detention facilities around the country, for this nation of captives, our cities of prisoners.

This morning, Mass at San Lorenzo, with our newly arrived senior friar presiding. This afternoon, calls to my family, correspondence, and the Sunday Los Angeles Times crossword. Still on kitchen chores through Wednesday; also beginning a week-long turn watering the vegetable garden.

Life has its storms, but ultimately life is steady, because it proceeds from life eternal.


Dry and temperate. But deep within, the springs will never run dry.

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  1. Of your charity, please pray for Zakia and Val, my prisoner pen pals, incarcerated in Connecticut and Indiana, respectively.

    Thank you, Brother, and blessings on your upcoming ministry.