Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blessed Be You, for Brother Francis

Lectio Divina

Greatest of his family, the glory of his people ...
In whose time the house of God was renovated,
in whose days the temple was reinforced.

Sirach 50:1


Rather than recite again what I am reading, here is some reading for you: the October issue of The Caperone.


It is the solemnity of Saint Francis of Assisi, the founder of the religious movement I have chosen to join so as to be a better follower of Jesus. Peace and goodness, the true peace and goodness of Christ, be with you all. Let our worship Christ and reverence of Francis lead us into ever-greater love of God and one another, ever-greater practice of divine justice and mercy, and ever-greater life in the mystery of the kin(g)dom of heaven, here and now. Blessed be you, O God, for our Brother Francis.

This morning: morning prayer followed by a big breakfast prepared graciously by a few novice brothers who woke up before the sun got up. Off to Mass in a few moments, to be celebrated in high style. This afternoon, after lunch, a casual on site at San Lorenzo. This evening, prayer and a social and dinner with the fraternity at Old Mission Santa Ines.


Cloudy at first but clearing and brightening, as it always does.

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