Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meet You at the End

(A song for my sisters.)

In the summer darkness, feasted, full,
In the garden that you till
We remembered love invincible
Firm rock of holy hill

With bread to break and cloak to lend
You commissioned me from here
And I said I'll meet you at the end
And go living without fear.

When you sing a minor allelu
I will take you at your word
At the speed of light I come back to you
As if no time had occurred

Where are you sister loving friend
This cooling night of year?
I'll come round to meet you at the end
And the rising will appear.

For religious brothers I won't lack
Ten thousand at my side
But the day when I to you come back
Shall fill the soul inside

O say the word -- I shall attend
It gives me warmth and cheer
I said I'll meet you at the end
What I will, I shall, my dear.

Every day the sun dries up the earth
The rain washed clean before
And the air roars with the breaths of birth
Life renewed and life made more

My head I bow, my knee I bend
To glory come so near
On the day I meet you at the end
Everywhere will look like here.

Sister, like the mother full of grace,
I hail you as you are
God forbid I should forget your face
When we walked the road so far

Not to anyone but you my friend
Does your fair name inhere
On the day I meet you at the end
I will sound it loud and clear.

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