Thursday, October 25, 2012

Arrival and Evaluation

Lectio Divina

... be strengthened with power through his Spirit in the inner self....

Ephesians 3:16


Grazing Crosby, Celibacy, and the Miller biography of Dorothy Day while noshing on the latest issues of America and Commonweal.


There are three formal evaluation periods during novitiate. We are entering into the first one now. At this time the novices are writing self-reflections under the guidance of their formation advisors.

Today I will attempt a first draft during my extended personal time. It is to be submitted for revision to my formation advisor at our meeting next Tuesday or Wednesday, but I would like to have it ready before my next meeting for spiritual direction on Monday in Santa Barbara.

Meanwhile, the professed friars of San Lorenzo will give input to the formation team about each novice, which the formation advisor will take into account in composing his own written evaluation. The formation advisor will present this evaluation to the novice, who may submit written comments. Then novice and advisor will sign the document, copies of which go to them and also to the provincial minister, provincial director of formation, and the provincialate where the novice's formation file is kept.

For the self-reflection, novice brothers are asked to look back on the first hundred days of the program and make observations pertaining to their sense of calling to the Franciscan way of life in this Capuchin community. Among other things, we are invited to look back on the transition itself; explore our feeling of being "at home" and our growing Capuchin identity; name helpful and unhelpful aspects of the program; describe our sense of belonging in the fraternity and "investment" in the program; and discuss our feelings about the vows and the vowed life.

As in the postulancy evaluations, I think it is important to be affirmative and critical, to recognize positive personal developments and identify places for further growth. This I will aim to do in three typed double-spaced pages or less.


In addition to the community of novices and our formation directors, there are three professed friars who reside here. Our fraternity is awaiting the arrival of a fourth professed brother, who is moving in this afternoon. To welcome him, we will have a social hour in his honor before the evening meal. At Mass this morning the novice director said we will be like a whole new fraternity with our brother's arrival, and he urged us to go about life together with renewed vigor in gratitude for what our new housemate brings and for what we offer to each other.


Put the second blanket on the bed last night, and it kept my body heat from escaping. Outside, it is crisp. Inside, it is warm. Deep inside, the fire is alight.

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