Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Departure

Lectio Divina

Should one wish to contend with him,
he could not answer him once in a thousand times.

Job 9:3


Continuing to read Dorothy Day, even though I have given my presentation with the small group today. The Catholic Worker movement continues to inform my understand of the Capuchin Franciscan charism to minority.


This morning at the conclusion of Mass, one of the novices announced he is leaving the Capuchin formation program. He was gone by nine-thirty. God be with him on his journey. His future is waiting for him -- life is waiting for him -- even if it is not from within the Capuchin community.

The announcement was like a bolt from the clear blue sky. I think none of the novice brothers expected this, not from him, and not so early from anyone in our year together. But the hand of God moves us in ways not wholly to be expected, no matter how perceptive we are or how well we think we know the secrets of our brother's soul.

It seemed to me the fraternity was a little jittery this morning after the announcement, lit up with a nervous playfulness, but we are settling down again, and we will continue walking forward in the light of God, as God gives us the light through Jesus Christ and all of his prophets and saints.

This afternoon, during hermitage time, recentering myself. Also rehearsing with the schola and small group for our celebrations of the solemnity of Saint Francis of Assisi. Now, about to head to chapel to observe the transitus, our ritual enactment of the passing of Francis from this life to eternal life. Having abruptly bid farewell to a brother in Francis, now once more we bid farewell to the angelic founder of our movement. But we remain ever in Christ, and so we don't really lose the presence of Francis.


In the excitement of the day, one almost forgets how beautiful the sun and sky are, how clean the air, and how gorgeous the golden hilly earth around us.

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