Monday, October 15, 2012


Stop judging the world.
Stop positing a dualism of church and world, that is, church versus world.
No one will be saved that way.

The light of God will lead all people to a better way of living together.
But it is in the world. "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

Stop judging Christians of other traditions.
Stop telling us what they get wrong. What is that to us?
If there is individualism, denounce it first in your own community.
If there is bad theology or no theology, denounce it first in your own community.
If you are not prepared to recognize other followers of Christ as your sisters and brothers in Christ,
then judge not, because you have no business telling us how they get it wrong.

Christians should not be proselytizing other Christians. Conversion is a cooperative work; proselytizing is a work of conquest.


Witness leads to ministry.
The power of God is not something only to be admired, adored, or worshipped.
It is to be used, by us, fully and consciously.
Consider how to witness, yes, and then consider how to act and what to do.
We should be admonishing our brothers and sisters on how to act, and what we are to do.
That is why we worship Christ and follow in his footsteps: above all, he is the way.


Do not puff yourself up with pride, telling the world how countercultural you are, how communitarian you are. Be a disciple, and do what Jesus did.

Never mind who is countercultural or mainstream. Ask yourself, Is the culture good, right, true, beautiful? Is its substance the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or the gospel of Caesar? And has Caesar invaded and conquered your culture, even the culture of your Christian community?


God, give me your power, to give away.


  1. Love this one.Wise and much needed words here my friend. Blessings

  2. Thank you, Philomena, and God's peace be with you.