Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Also Work Through Me

Lectio Divina

For the same God who worked through Peter ... also worked through me.

Galatians 2:8 (New Living Translation)


Finishing Torjesen, When Women Were Priests, and continuing to read the Miller biography of Dorothy Day.


This morning, concluded our class sessions on the history of Christian religious life. Our formators note that through the ebb and flow of history, religious movements have arisen to respond to the challenges of the times. I note that the responses of these religious movements have not always met with a resounding response from the world we seek to love into the life of God. In this generation, in my time, I strive to be a witness to the mercy and justice of God breaking into and confounding this world. To the body of Christ that is the Church, as one of only several thousand lay religious brothers in the U.S., I strive to live in such a way as to invigorate the many millions of lay secular men and women and spur them to more radical discipleship, as several outstanding disciples among them have inspired me to advance in discipleship. To "the Gentiles" of this age, both my goodwill partners in the construction of a new creation and those who are indifferent or hostile to all movements of the Spirit in our lives and times, I strive to promote an encounter with the living God, the God of Jesus and Francis, and conversion and penance, both personal and social.

This afternoon is hermitage time, beginning with my regularly scheduled meeting with my formation advisor. Looking forward to a long meditative walk.

This evening, the fraternity is going to Old Mission Santa Barbara to sing and recite evening prayer with our Franciscan brothers, share the evening meal, and hear a lecture on poverty, prayer, and social justice from a fellow named Gerry Straub. I look forward to the sharing of fellowship in faith and a renewal of purpose to speak and do the truth to power in love. And so to speak and do for, with, and as the poor.


Feeling how good the chill is.

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