Saturday, June 1, 2013

Table Overflowing

Lectio Divina

... they said to Jesus in reply, "We don't know."

Mark 11:33

Hearing this Scripture in light of a recent Commonweal column by John Garvey. How refreshing to hear a confession of uncertainty; how I hope that my sisters and brothers in faith never let uncertainty get in the way of holy and humble confidence.


Brown in the chapel stall, periodicals on the night-table.


House chores and work projects this morning, including, for a few of the brothers, digging in the new vineyard being planted. And on the hottest day of the year to date! May God bless them and cool them.

A good time at Old Mission Santa Ines last evening in the company of the parish as we honored Brother Harold. He deserves what he has received: love outpoured from a grateful community.

Our tables were overflowing with good things to eat. But, my goodness, how much food the good people insisted we take home to San Lorenzo! Let it never be said that a Capuchin friar ever went hungry involuntarily. Indeed, no Franciscan friar I have ever known ever starved against his will.

It seems my culinary talents will not be needed today. Rather, I will perform the fraternal service of preparing the leftovers for our community.

I pray that the measure of stupendous generosity our benefactors give to the Capuchins, they may also give to those who are genuinely in need. And I pray that we who know better than anyone else what we truly need, may have the courage to show our benefactors where their surplus may supply outstanding wants, and thus bring the justice of equity (and equality) to the body of Christ.


Ninety-eight degrees! I'm going to stay in the kitchen.

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