Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Admitted ...

... not yet to vows, but to Boston College School of Theology and Ministry. I have been admitted into the Master of Theology program. This is gratifying news, and I am grateful for the longstanding support of my mentors and friends and Boston University School of Theology, as well as the current and continuing support, both spiritual and material, of my Capuchin brothers. I look forward to continuing my intellectual development in a religious key with the academic community at Boston College. Let there be many new adventures in theology to come!

Lectio Divina

"Why are you testing me?"

Mark 12:15

Meditating on these words of Jesus in light of a friend from the Catholic Worker house in Guadalupe, whose case concerning his right to protest on an easement (public property) in front of Vandenberg Air Force Base is going to the Supreme Court. Prayers flying off to Dennis Apel and the Catholic Workers, who refuse to allow Caesar to take from them what is to be rendered only to God.


Three chapters to go in Brown, The Ecumenical Revolution.


This morning, concluded our week of classes on Clare of Assisi by examining her rule of life, especially in contrast to earlier forms of (monastic) life imposed on her by ecclesial authority. The story of Clare's perseverance in attaining the privilege of living according to the radically new form of Gospel life Francis of Assisi patterned, codified in a rule written by her own hand, is worth telling and re-telling. Her success in securing for herself and her order a form of religious life of her own design, without diminishment or diversion, by well-meaning but not always understanding authorities (and fellow sisters), is a watershed in the history of the Church.

This afternoon, lunch in Solvang, near Old Mission Santa Ines, with Brother Harold and a couple of novice brothers who see him for spiritual direction and theological reflection. I will see Harold a few more times at the prison in Lompoc before he begins his new assignment at the Franciscan shrine in San Francisco. It is a privilege to be in his company a little while longer. He is a plainspoken, plain-dealing friar, approachable and wise. He is all about taking a back seat and letting Christ do the work through him. A good example for me.

Tomorrow: Looking forward to a heart-to-heart visit to Dennis, Tensie, and Jorge at Beatitude House in Guadalupe. Faith sharing, lunch, and brainstorming about the future: we would like the community of San Lorenzo to be in relation with the Catholic Worker community. It will probably be my final visit to Guadalupe, but our friends will be coming over on Friday for a day of renewal and re-dedication to their work in peaceful solitude and prayerful silence.

Now, to reflect on the day and bake a vegan lemon cake for my co-workers in Christ!


It is a delight to be out in the shining sun, under the clear blue sky.

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