Monday, June 24, 2013

Make Way!

Lectio Divina

He made my words of judgment....

Isaiah 49:2 (New Living Translation)


In between spiritual and theological reading. There is a pamphlet by a Jesuit priest, Michael Kennedy, titled Caught, with reflections on life in prison that I intend to begin this afternoon during meditation.

Almost caught up on the latest issue of America. It's time to forward all subscriptions to San Lorenzo Friary in Jamaica Plain, Mass.


The lights went out last night just after nine-thirty and returned after midnight, perhaps one o'clock. With nothing else to do, I went to bed.

Returning to a normal schedule of class sessions and chores and ministry this week. We will conclude our series of mini-histories of the various provinces of the North American and Pacific Capuchin Conference.

It is the solemnity of the birth of John the Baptist, and his spirit is simmering in my blood this morning. Ah, a (holy?) impatience is gripping me once again. (If it is not yet holy, God, make it holy. In fact, give me both holy patience and holy impatience.) Let us who call ourselves Christians keep in front of our eyes the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, and make a way for the Gospel to transform our society. Let us speak out courageously for love and justice and against the words and works of persons and institutions that criminalize immigrants, starve the hungry, and crush the poor. Make way, make way!


Mostly cloudy last evening. What harsh weather we are having!

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