Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sharing and Swelling

Lectio Divina

... no longer live for themselves....

2 Corinthians 5:15 


Continuing Miranda, Being and the Messiah. Finishing recent issues of Catholic Agitator, Commonweal, National Catholic Reporter.


Many blessings last evening at the federal prison in Lompoc in the sharing of spiritual gifts (and snacks) with the men at the low-security compound. Conversation, confession with Brother Harold, and testimonials on the cusp of Brother Harold's departure for San Francisco. How good to be able to relax with the brothers unencumbered by a strict schedule! We could breathe; we could talk; we could listen; we could sing. When Brother Harold said he would remember the men of this church community at every Mass he celebrates for the rest of his life, I believe it.

What good feelings swelled in our hearts. Would that I could have come around to the prison for more of these once-monthly Friday social gatherings! A high point of novitiate.

House chapter this morning, the final chapter of novitiate. We will hear more about the vowed retreat we are taking next week in Malibu. Although the New York/New England province has not yet officially admitted me and my brothers into simple vows, we are of course going on the vowed retreat. No brother left behind!

Watering the grounds this afternoon. Perhaps a vigorous walk or even a jog later in the afternoon. Rotating back into the kitchen cleanup crew today and the liturgical leadership tomorrow. Looking for a gentle evening.

Twenty-nine days. Freedom and responsibility beckon with greater importunity.


The clouds are lifting as we speak.

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