Friday, June 7, 2013

He Is Our Heart

Lectio Divina

... at this the bearers halted.

Luke 7:14


Two chapters to go in The Ecumenical Revolution.


The acknowledgement form and deposit are on their way to Boston College School of Theology and Ministry. Waiting, as are all the novice brothers, for formal acceptance into first vows.

This morning, celebration of the solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a feast that has its origins in devotions dating to the eleventh century. Click here for a traditional explanation of the devotion. Now looking back on what I wrote last year about this devotion and surprised by the wisdom. Where did that wisdom come from, and where did it go?

Jesus, human one, divine one, be our heart, the Heart of the World. Be the heart of my heart. Be the love that is always loving, emptying in love, receiving in love. Let me so love as to forget about myself in the loving. Let me love so that it is no longer I who love, but you in me.

This afternoon, faith sharing with my brothers at Lompoc. Then, this evening, faith sharing with my brothers at San Lorenzo.


A few degrees warmer than warm.

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