Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Final Farewells

Lectio Divina

"No one who ... looks to what was left behind is fit...."

Luke 9:62


Continuing Fischer, Reclaiming the Connections, and beginning other spiritual readings this week. Hoping also to step up my reading of Scripture itself during our remaining evenings of prayerful silence.


Said goodbye yesterday afternoon to several of the novices' spiritual directors and ministry site supervisors. The first final farewells have begun.

Mass this afternoon at FCC Lompoc for the final time. Thirty men crowded into the classroom in the chapel wing of the medium-security compound, and I eyeballed at least eighty souls at the low-security chapel. As Bro. Harold Snider gave his final benediction and blessing, the men interrupted his dismissal to offer him a blessing. How touching; what a gesture of reverence and affection on the brothers' part, and what a sign of humility for Brother Harold to receive it. I will miss this church.

This week during class sessions, reviewing (reliving?) our vocation stories and describing how the year and our experiences have shaped us. Sounds at first blush like a how-I-spent-my-summer-vacation assignment, but it is more than that, and of course each of us in turn will make more of it than that. It is another opportunity to share our faith and give an account of the hope that is in us as we approach the taking of simple vows.

Off now to prayerful silence and to meditate on the story I will tell in class on Tuesday.


Beat the heat by being in Lompoc today. No such luck this week!

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