Saturday, June 29, 2013


Lectio Divina

 ... sent his angel and saved me....

Acts 12:11 (New Living Translation)


Not much time to read today, at least not until late afternoon or early evening. Going to finish National Catholic Reporter. Reading Fischer, Reclaiming the Connections, in chapter installments in my chapel stall.


Celebrated the solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul at Mass this morning and, following our novice director's homily on the yin of Peter and the yang of Paul, meditating, appreciatively, on the often contradictory multitudes the Church (fortunately) contains.

This afternoon, a luncheon in appreciation of the spiritual directors and ministry site supervisors who have mentored the novices this year. They have played as much a part in our formation as our novice directors. Each has in his or her own way has been instrumental to our becoming the Capuchin Franciscan friars we are. They are a part of our heart, for we are all connected.

Last night, quickly prepared two more lemon-lime cakes for our guests -- we expect at least 15 persons. Had to search for the recipe online because I packed away all my recipe clippings for baked goods save for my stalwarts Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Romero. God bless the duo from the Post Punk Kitchen.

Catching up with my house chores as I can. The final edition of The Caperone will not be published this weekend because we are going to include photos of today's celebration and our Independence Day visit to Old Mission Santa Ines. Moreover, the retreat in Malibu put production on hold for a full week. No matter: we will publish next weekend and still be timely. After all, we are a monthly, not a weekly or daily!


Here it comes: 102 degrees in Santa Ynez. Tomorrow: one hundred four. Santa Barbara County has told its residents to avoid using open barbecues, chain saws, and tractor mowers. I am learning a healthy fear of Brother Fire.

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