Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Turn in the Sun

Lectio Divina

... I have been looking for you....

Luke 2:48


One chapter left in The Ecumenical Revolution. The book has stimulated my prayers for the unity of all Christians, Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. May common dialogue flower into common action for the building of a better world, and progress into common worship. We are after all sisters and brothers, daughters and sons of the one God of Jesus Christ. And I pray that the Franciscan family will take its needed place in the ongoing ecumenical movement. Thank you, Robert McAfee Brown; God rest your soul, and may you live in the new creation in unspeakable joy in the unity of Christ and all his sisters and brothers.


Today is the memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the patronal feast of the Province of Saint Mary, my home province with the Capuchins. So there will be a social for us, the New York/New England novice brothers, after evening prayer and before the evening meal. We have celebrated in like manner on the patronal feasts for the other North American Capuchin provinces, so it's only fair we of the Northeast get our turn in the sun!

Speaking of turns in the sun: This morning, watering the thirsty grounds. I am rather enjoying the time I get to spend outdoors doing this light but much-needed work. One of my novice brothers has observed that my hair, which is a dark brown, looks a bit lighter these days. This afternoon, a little Caperon-ing. This evening, a film with the novice brothers.

Also, at some time today, though I don't know when, we are expecting the arrival of the vicar provincial of the Province of Saint Mary. 


It's spring leaning into summer.

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