Thursday, June 27, 2013

Never Separated

Lectio Divina

... only the one who does the will....

Matthew 7:21


Continuing Fischer, Reclaiming the Connections, in the chapel stall, and National Catholic Reporter on the night-table.


This morning, Mass combined with morning prayer. Today, continuing the packing project and working on the newsletter. I shall recycle ruthlessly and edit gently. On this day for extended personal time, I opt to stay home and make it a day for getting things done.

These days, I am feeling disinclined to go out much -- novitiate has made a hermit of me. I can count on one good hand the number of times I will be leaving the grounds of San Lorenzo over the next seventeen days, excluding the occasional three-and-a-half-mile walk I like to take in the evening around the neighboring ranches. I will be going to the federal prison in Lompoc two more times -- for ministry on Friday and for Mass on Sunday. The fraternity is going to Old Mission Santa Ines on the evening of Independence Day for food, fellowship, and fireworks, and again on the last day of novitiate, July 13, for the profession of the two California province novices. And on Tuesday, July 9, the fraternity is going on a day trip to Refugio State Beach.

So that's five more excursions. Except for Mass last Sunday, I've been staying put since our return from the year-end retreat in Malibu. And I like it that way. Soon enough, I will be able to go out into the world every day, and I will be able to make a difference being who I am and doing, I hope, what God wills me to do. But our excursions here are so carefully vetted that, even when we are off site, it feels to me like we remain cabined at San Lorenzo. This is true whether we go off site for ministry, recreation, worship, or other approved appointments. So we never really leave the novitiate environment, for it follows us wherever we go, and we are never separated from this fraternity.

A gift? A challenge? Yes.

In about three weeks, everything will change.


The heat is rising to the highest highs we have known here. Come Saturday and Sunday, I'll be thankful it does not get humid here.

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