Tuesday, July 2, 2013

In the Vineyard

Lectio Divina

"What sort of man is this...."

Matthew 8:27


Continuing Fischer, Reclaiming the Connections. Hoping to start some additional spiritual reading this week. Watch this space.


In a previous issue of The Caperone one of our formators revealed that we are planting a vineyard. Now more than two dozen vines are in the ground in a plot on our lookout point. We will have full coverage of this project in the final issue of the newsletter, which will come out next week. Again, watch this space!

Because we are about a week late in planting the vines, and given the high heat that threatens the viability of the vines, all the novices, all of us are working at all available hours outside of prayer and other immovable activities to get this project done. We pre-empted prayerful silence and schola practice last evening to make progress. Your correspondent, who waters the trees and bushes regularly, was watering little grafts.

So, a lot of sun, a lot of earth, a lot of water this afternoon. I hope Brother Wind will send cool breezes to cheer us and Sister Sky will shelter us from with a light cover of clouds, as she did yesterday.

Now, to class, where we are sharing our vocation stories, the story of our novitiate year, and the insights we have gleaned from the light God has given us to see ourselves and our life.


Everyone knows how hot it is. Not everyone feels how hot it is.

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