Sunday, July 7, 2013


Lectio Divina

Rejoice with Jerusalem....


Reading Ann Johnson's series Miryam, drinking in the spirit of Judaism. Her prose poem on Mary's sabbath captivates me, and it invigorated my experience of worship this morning.


The community that worships with us at San Lorenzo said goodbye to us at Mass and sent us off with a tasty thank-you brunch. As I have said to anyone who will listen, the benefactors are more generous to us than we need, and better to us than we deserve. We will continue to pray for them, and I will ask God to bring their conversion to greater perfection. My hope is that for every good work they do for the novices, they will do seven for the truly poor. 

With all the festive farewell meals we have had lately, we have more leftovers than we can possibly consume. If we prepared no new meals this week, we would still have plenty to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until the end of novitiate. This may explain why my lectio divina is focusing on wedding feasts and rejoicing. We've been banqueting most every day. How does a brother about to profess Gospel poverty do this with integrity? With Christ?

This afternoon, watered the grounds and napped for an hour. Went to bed the night before at midnight -- true, this week we rise an hour later for morning prayer, but I ought not press my luck!


The heat will surge again this week. Looking east, I see there are thunderstorms somewhere every day in the New York metropolitan area. Does my umbrella still work? Do I even know where it is?

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