Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let Go the Boat

... they left their nets and their father....

see Mark 1:20

A short day today and a long today tomorrow. My brother Nicholas is leaving for Ithaca, N.Y., before sunrise, and I will be journeying with him. We'll be on the road along with the team of movers he hired at either four or five in the morning. An ungodly hour for humans, although I trust that God will be at our side for every mile of the journey. Please ask God on our behalf for traveling mercies! Keep the movers and my brother and me and everyone on the road safe for our destination.

Morning prayer in my bedroom around seven-thirty, followed by Mass at Our Lady of Grace at eight, then breakfast in town with my parents and Nicholas. My brother received a special blessing from the priest on this final day in Babylon. Like James the apostle, he is leaving the nets he has been mending and minding here and following Christ in the call to renew his mind at Cornell University. I give thanks and praise to God that Nicholas has come to this day when he is ready to respond to the summons to live more fully, giving up the comfort and familiarity of life as he knows it, in these waters, for other seas and distant shores. Difficult as it may be to let go of our parents and the world as it is, it would be more difficult to remain here and be separated from the love that is coaxing him toward new life. It is time to let go the boat.

Now, another quiet day at home, hopefully prayerful and somewhat useful, and an early end for the early start tomorrow.

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