Sunday, July 21, 2013

The One Thing

... only one thing....

Luke 10:42

Yesterday was a very good day in Yonkers. I felt joy and peace ... and pride in becoming a vowed religious in the Capuchin family. What love was shared among all of us, friars, friends, and relatives!

After following a circuitous route to my parents' home in Babylon (lots of traffic on the way from Yonkers), a delightful evening meal with my sister and brother at an Asian restaurant. Then a heart-to-heart conversation into the night with my brother until we could keep our eyes open no longer.

This morning, a pancake breakfast out in town with my parents, brother, sister ... and her children! I met my niece, Jade, for the first time. I see my mother's mother in her face. It is uncanny. When she smiles, it is the very image of my grandmother. And how Jesse, the three-year-old, has grown, and look at what he can do! He is becoming a person before my eyes. How precious to behold. After breakfast, a quick trip to the park and playground next door to Our Lady of Grace Church before going to the 10 o'clock Eucharistic celebration. In my habit, I went to see others and to be seen. This time, after a year of practice in California, I was ready to be received by God's people as a religious brother -- ready to receive the looks and responses. I had good encounters, friendly encounters, and even a happy reunion with one longtime parishioner.

Kept the habit on for a trip to the supermarket with my parents, and more reactions. I am happy to let the habit start the conversation and the brother under the clothes to keep it going.

Now, a calm afternoon after a day and a half of excitement. My sister and niece and nephew are napping. When they awake, I will be there for them. In a few hours, I will prepare the evening meal with my mother for everyone.

I have no anxiety and no worries. I am focused on only the one thing. I am free.

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