Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting Things Done

... the food the Lord has given....

Exodus 16:15 (New Living Translation)

Rose a little after six this morning. Sleeping in, are we? I must be backsliding.

Breakfasted while reading the news: praying today for homeless families in the Bronx; a Brooklyn woman, arrested after getting violent on a vodka bender, who died in custody; and a Nepalese woman, longsuffering the abuse of her husband and in-laws in a traditionalist culture, who apparently hanged herself.

Mass at Our Lady of Grace at nine o'clock. More greetings and good wishes from parishioners, as well as one of the associate pastors, who presided at the funeral Mass for Adele Zuba, my paternal grandmother. He sensed my happiness and noted it warmly and approvingly.

Hanging around my parents' house today, getting little things done, I hope, with great love. Baked a lemon cake to take tonight to a couple from Our Lady of Grace who I have known for years and who attended the profession. Booked two one-way bus tickets: one from NYC to Boston for the 1st of August; and one from Ithaca, N.Y., to NYC for next Monday. It is my return trip from a weekend stay with my brother Nicholas, who is moving to Ithaca on Friday and beginning graduate studies at Cornell University in a few weeks. To do this afternoon: jotting thank-you notes and re-boxing theology books and papers.

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