Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Busy Bee and Lame Duck

Lectio Divina

... he touched Jacob's hip and wrenched it....

Genesis 32:25

Continuing my meditations on this mysterious story from Genesis. Feeling a little out of joint myself. Is this feeling from God, or from a malign spirit?


Reading Johnson, Miryam, for only a couple days more. Sadly, our novice library is not a long-distance lending library, and it is not an exchange, either: we can't take books in compensation for books we have donated!


Woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or as I put it once in a blues poem, got up one morning on the wrong side of my mind. Just crabby the whole day, and not only because of the tedium involved in our thorough house cleaning. Like Congress after elections, this is our lame-duck period: everything has been finished, and everyone is ready to move on, except we have to remain for another three days. So we alternate between days of work and days of leisure. It's not like all the work we are doing now is make-work, and it's not like all our leisure time is a self-indulgent waste of energy, but the skeptic in me won't settle for begging to differ: he demands to differ. If you didn't know before how I hate to wait without purpose, now you do.

Tomorrow is another leisure day; actually, a typical Thursday of extended personal time. I have no more desire to go out and see California. Tomorrow I'll be a hermit at San Lorenzo. I need to go "home" to the places God has prepared for me. Sometimes -- well, actually, most of the time -- our chronos gets in the way of God's time, or kairos. But instead of brooding over not being where God calls me to be, I will try to remain serenely where God called me to be and wrestled with me all year long until I catch up again with God's spirit on the other side of the United States.


Overcast the whole day, and one of our novice brothers reported 15 drops of rain. Noah, get your ark!

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