Saturday, July 6, 2013


Pretty soon I will be released from the 90-minute-a-week limit on personal Internet use, and I won't need to use the digest format I have applied to the blog. But for now, force of habit remains irresistible....

Lectio Divina

"Can the wedding guests mourn... ?"

Matthew 9:15


Finished Fischer, Reclaiming the Connections. Aiming to skim the following volumes for spiritual reading this week:

Johnson, Ann. Miryam of Judah: Witness in Truth & Tradition. Notre Dame, Ind.: Ave Maria Press, 1987.
--------. Miryam of Jerusalem: Teacher of the Disciples. Notre Dame, Ind.: Ave Maria Press, 1991.

Yes, this look at Mary, proceeding from biblical, Jewish, and woman-centered spiritual traditions, takes us off the path of traditional devotions to the Mother of God. But let no one say I haven't tried to cultivate an appreciation of Marian spirituality!


See previous two posts.


Around these parts, we consider mid-eighties a cool day. I have all but forgotten what humidity feels like.

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