Monday, July 22, 2013

The Brown and Silver Screen

Just stand still and watch the Lord rescue you today.

Exodus 14:13 (New Living Translation)

Rose early, about quarter to six this morning. A quiet breakfast, reading the newspaper and finding people to pray for in their distress. Attended the 9 o'clock Mass at Our Lady of Grace Parish in West Babylon. A few more parishioners approached to show astonishment, give thanks, and wish me well. One longtime friend asked me to remain after worship to participate in a devotion to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. These types of devotions are not a part of my spirituality, and these prayers do not resonate with me -- I ask the saints not so much to pray for me as with me -- but I obliged and took part with the people of our parish.

Bearing the identity of a Franciscan in public is a continuing education, as I am discovering. People who know and love friars will meet you assuming you know and love the prayers they know and love. They will assume their most beloved practices of faith are also yours. This is clearly not true, but it is a reality that I will have to accept. The habit is a screen upon which the faithful will project all kinds of images and meanings, memories and feelings. I can deal with this as long as I find ways not to let those images obscure the light that must shine forth from within me, carrying the true image of God given uniquely to me.

Spending more time with my family today, most of it in the kitchen. Already I prepared the cappucino mousse pie that was a big hit in California. Later, with my brother Nicholas, we will bake eggplant, toss a salad, cook some spinach, warm some fresh bread, and boil pasta.

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