Friday, May 31, 2013

Already, But Not Yet

Lectio Divina

"... we are in a deserted place here."

Luke 9:12


Brown, The Ecumenical Revolution, in the chapel stall; America, another issue of Commonweal, and Hospitality from the Open Door Community on the night-table.


A sign has appeared in the classroom and the hallway bulletin board:

44 days left!
until Saturday July 13
a Saturday 1 month and 12 days from

Brothers can see the future presenting itself. By declaring a public countdown, it would seem the future is already here, but it is not yet. As of this moment, none of the novice brothers have been officially accepted into vows; only a few have been accepted into undergraduate or graduate studies. We must continue to be patient.

Ministry at the federal prison in Lompoc this afternoon. This evening, the novitiate community will go to Old Mission Santa Ines to celebrate the life and work of Bro. Harold Snider, who for the last three years has been the Catholic chaplain at Lompoc. Brother Harold is moving to San Francisco this July to assume leadership of the National Shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi, which the novices visited on pilgrimage in February. We expect over 200 parishioners of the mission to be there to fete him. I am grateful to Brother Harold for opening the doors of the prison to me and my novice brother, so that we could share our faith with, and receive faith from, the children of God who are incarcerated there with Jesus. My ministry partner and I will probably celebrate the Eucharist with him two more times at Lompoc before the three of us conclude our ministry at the end of June. 


I hope you are enjoying weather as pleasant as we are right now. But the temperatures steadily rising. They will rocket up tomorrow. And I'll be in the kitchen, to boot! Can I stand the coming heat?

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