Saturday, May 4, 2013

Let's Go!

Lectio Divina

Paul wanted him to come along with him.

Acts 16:3


Johnson, Friends of God and Prophets, in the chapel stall. If I read a chapter a day, I will be finished within a week. The books in my bedroom are going to be opened soon, I just know it!


Published the May issue of The Caperone. Hooray. Submitted the third and final evaluation. Hip-hip hooray! Treated myself to the Saturday crossword in the Los Angeles Times, and took a brisk jog out in the seasonal air. Now, in the week to come, to make progress on graduate school application materials. Let's go!


We haven't had a drop of rain in the valley since sunrise on the morning of Easter Sunday. Two hours, two days a week minimum to adequately water the grounds I have been assigned to tend. Surely I will be adding a third day as the drought goes on.

It is cooler than yesterday, which is a relief to all those who live in fire hazard zones (that's most of us around these parts). All the same, the spiritually attuned among us are still praying for the fire to blaze within.

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