Thursday, May 30, 2013

Works Into Being

Lectio Divina

... he accepts the one who does his will....

Sirach 42:15-25

Speak your human creation, God, into new being, your little word into a work peculiarly your own. May your creature be pleasing to you and in doing your will bring to others the well-being, happiness, security, and peace you give.


Brown, The Ecumenical Revolution, in the chapel stall. Now making steady progress.


Morning prayer and Mass combined this morning. I read the passage from the wisdom book of Sirach about the glory of God the creator who knows and sustains us from eternity. The earth did not move, the sky did not fall, and the hills did not burst into flame. But we received the body and blood of Christ. As we pray that we may be better brothers to creation, we hope we will be ready to receive who we are in the new creation.

There is a lay secular volunteer who joins my novice brother and I occasionally for the Friday faith sharing groups and Sunday Mass at FCC Lompoc. He offered to take us out to lunch, and of course the hungry friars accepted! Later this morning we will go into Santa Ynez to an Italian ristorante to sample the pasta. This afternoon, perhaps to exercise, definitely to write (perhaps to finish!) a letter or two.


The heat is rising again. But it's still cool and comfortable at this hour. On Saturday the temperature will soar! Ninety-five degrees? Look out....

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