Friday, May 10, 2013

Hebrews 10

Rise up out of the shadow
See what father and mother could not see
Sing the end of the bloodshed
Come away with the one whose voice was heard
When he said

You desire no sacrifice
Not another alien offering
You prepare a body for me
What I give will live forever
Like the sun

Highest in all the priesthood
Warrior bold, shepherd wise, fair prince of peace
See the love in his sad eyes
Bearing our fearful memories to the void
He prevailed

I ascend in a cloud of the blessed
To no temple but to heaven
Who I am is coming to be
I have done and I will always
Do your will

Wash yourself with pure water
Read the word on your heart he planted there
See the day drawing near you
Enter it by the new way through the veil
He has torn

Glory to the Father and Son
Glory to the Holy Spirit
It forever and ever will be
As it was in the beginning
And is now, amen.

Melody: "The Shepherd," Genesis

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