Thursday, May 23, 2013

Neither Wealth Nor Power

Lectio Divina

Do not rely on your wealth,
or say, "I have the power."

Sirach 5:1

I don't want the gold of empire, the spices of life, or the slaughter that has been the way of all civilizations. I want the peace of Christ.


Finished Friends of God and Prophets by Elizabeth A. Johnson. Hoping now to return to The Ecumenical Revolution by Robert McAfee Brown. Caught up intermittently this week with America.


My letter to the provincial minister has been vetted, revised, and approved. It is now awaiting delivery. Tomorrow, I intend to send off my personal statement to Boston College School of Theology and Ministry and thereby conclude my application to graduate school, pending documents being submitted by my recommenders and provincial minister.

Yesterday, a good day of recollection as Bro. James Gavin broken open the Word of God in the Gospels in his inimitable way. I want the same intimacy with the Word that he has cultivated over a lifetime of study, meditation, and contemplation.

Hanging around San Lorenzo this morning; among other things, working on the June issue of the newsletter and watering some of the thirsty grounds. This afternoon, a social at the home of one of our community's most generous benefactors. 


Feeling chilly, though it really isn't that cool out there.

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