Friday, May 17, 2013


Lectio Divina

... the doors were locked....

John 20:19

The doors were locked, but Jesus Christ appeared anyway to his friends. The doors were locked, but Jesus did not wait to be let in. However, he did not knock (as one might expect to read in Matthew, had the community of Matthew been telling this part of the story), and he did not break in and castigate the disciples for being afraid (as one might expect to read in Mark, had his community been telling the story). No, this is John's Gospel, and John lets the doors remain locked, and he lets Jesus pass over the locked doors without further comment except to say, "Peace be with you." Lots to consider here.


Johnson writes about Friends of God and Prophets. The Pilgrim acquaints me with them, the saints of the church of God that is in Boston.


Physically, feeling much more like full strength. Spiritually, in a restive stasis. What I prayed yesterday, I repeat today: "Do not desert me, spirit of God."

Waiting for the formators' final written evaluation. We will receive them tomorrow. It's like waiting for final grades. Only this is a pass/fail course, and it's real life. I am huddling in the upper room, waiting for a fresh breath of the Holy Spirit.

Faith sharing at the federal prison this afternoon. Review of life with the brothers this evening in advance of our monthly house chapter tomorrow morning.


Cloudy enough to be overcast. Where there is no sunshine, everything is in shadow. Still, there is light enough to see.

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