Wednesday, May 15, 2013

To Be Sent

Lectio Divina

... so I sent them into the world.

John 17:18


The latest issue of The Pilgrim has come in from Boston, and it rests in my chapel stall. Prayers fly off to the people I love in the city where I will live again. Johnson, Friends of God and Prophets, remains my conversation partner during evening prayer. National Catholic Reporter beckons from my night table.


Five of the novice brothers sent our brother off to Ohio early this morning. We are now a class of twenty. Sixty days remain in the novitiate. Sixty days, and all of us will leave our cloister in California for the world. Jesus has spoken: we are all meant to be sent.

Concluding our class sessions on the prayers of Saint Francis this mid-morning, followed by hermitage time this afternoon. Perhaps a long meditative walk awaits. Or an afternoon of stillness.

Longing for a strong voice so I can sing again. We're getting there.


Fair and very fine. This kind of air restores me.

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