Thursday, May 16, 2013

Remain, You Who Name

Lectio Divina

I will make [your name] known, that the love ... may be in them....

John 17:26 

Do not desert me, spirit of God. No matter how self-absorbed or withdrawn I get, no matter how short of the mark I land in my daily being and becoming—even when I desert myself, spirit of God, do not desert me. Remain in me.


Continuing with The Pilgrim and Johnson in the chapel stall, Brown and National Catholic Reporter on the night table.


Mass combined with morning prayer. My singing voice has returned, praise God.

Spending today's extended personal time grinding away at the personal statement. The curriculum vitae, such as it is, has been sent off. One transcript has arrived, and another is in transit. Will be talking to one of my theological mentors this afternoon. I am looking forward to a warm conversation.


It is springtime in California again.

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