Friday, January 11, 2013

You Are My Beloved

Lectio Divina

"You are my beloved Son."

Luke 3:22


Continuing Mumford, The City in History, and only Mumford, for now. Almost halfway through the book, at last.


Today, ministry at FCC Lompoc, leading the two faith sharing groups. This evening, faith sharing in our own small groups. I am concentrating my meditations on the words from Luke cited above. The men at Lompoc have made requests for Bible study materials from me and my novice brother; we will bring these requests to the attention of the head chaplain. Although ours is not a Bible study group and we are not doing exegesis, we would like the men to have ample opportunity to read and reflect prayerfully on the Gospels during the week in preparation for our reflections together. In order to reflect on what the text is saying to them, first they need to know what the text is saying.

Good news from my brother Nicholas: he has been accepted into the Master of Public Administration program of the school he most wants to attend. His work is presenting itself. Congratulations to him, and thanks be to God for the opening of his future. My prayers for him will continue, both in gratitude and in continued petition for his good, as I hope the school supplies him much of his means to live and study with a fellowship. 


More than cold enough for all of us.

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