Monday, January 21, 2013

Sun, Rise

Lectio Divina

“Fill the jars with water.”

John 2:7  


Continuing Mumford, The City in History, and finished the recent issue of National Catholic Reporter. Still looking for some new literature, spiritual and theological.


Morning prayer in the back chapel, followed by a leisurely morning over the newspapers and the crosswords. Two Masses at the prison this afternoon. Returned to San Lorenzo in the middle of holy hour, where I remembered in prayer Lena Tomeo, the grandmother of my brother-in-law. A light evening of recreation with the brothers after prayerful silence and night prayer.

I am continuing prayers to God for myself, too. I am asking the Spirit to grant me patience, adaptability, and the capacity to slow down more. I am asking for a listening ear and a willingness to respond to spiritual direction from whatever direction it comes.


Beautiful, so beautiful out there these last three days. May the light I have seen and the warmth I have felt on my skin sink like the sun into my heart and rise in my soul.

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