Sunday, January 6, 2013


Lectio Divina

Nations shall walk by your light.

Isaiah 60:3


No reading today except from the Bible and reflections on the readings of the day. Rather, giving friends something to read -- catching up on correspondences. 


Morning prayer in the back chapel. It is a tight fit in there with 22 novice brothers and the eight professed friars, plus any guests along the way. In such close quarters it will be easy to get distracted from the presence of God by focusing on fraternal idiosyncrasies: he sings off key, he prays so slowly. I must focus not on the idiosyncrasies but on the synchrony among us. We are one in our diversity. We are the many parts of one religious family, and our religious family is one part of the body of Christ. God hears harmony when we hear dissonance.

Mass this afternoon at Our Lady of Angels Parish in Lompoc, followed by a near-nap on the way home and almost-sleep in my bedroom. Got busy writing letters, and after our hour of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and a good meal, I feel revived. Will return to corresponding during the hour of prayerful silence, then communal recreation after night prayer. With the conclusion of Epiphany and the Christmas season, we are now back to our normal novitiate schedule.

Bro. Jack Rathschmidt arrived this evening after holy hour, during our social. I happened to be leaving the mailroom when I saw him accompanied by his ride, Bro. Brendan Buckley. I am glad he has got here safely, and I am looking forward very much to his fellowship these next two weeks as we study the Capuchin Constitutions with him.


A cold and wet morning and afternoon. The rain pelted the valley. The rain tapped indefatigably at my window and on my roof. I was rained into somnolence today. Now the rain has lifted, and I feel more awake, more aware.

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