Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Do Not Be Silent

Lectio Divina

For Zion's sake I will not be silent,
for Jerusalem's sake I will not keep still.

Isaiah 62:1


Received a couple of newsletters today: The Pilgrim from the Black Seed Writers Group in Boston, transubstantiating the ugliness of homelessness into beauty through poetry; and Hospitality, published by Open Door Community, an ecumenical Catholic Worker community in Atlanta that ministers to the incarcerated. I read Hospitality from cover to cover before and during evening meditation. What a great witness to the Gospel in Georgia, and a fulfillment of Isaiah's vision of the Anointed who proclaims liberty to the captives. Let us all share in the proclamation, anointed or not. Let us work and pray for the end of the death penalty; an end to the daily abuse of human rights in our prisons and jails; and for humane and just alternatives to prisons.

Continuing to get Christmas and New Year greetings from friends. Thank you for writing; I am nearly caught up with correspondences!


Continuing our class sessions on the Constitutions with Brother Jack. Will be making a group presentation with the novice brothers of my province next Tuesday or Wednesday on one of the chapters, concerning apostolic life, that is, ministry. We will present what the text says; what the text says to the Province of Saint Mary, as evidenced by our approach to ministry; what the ministerial practices of our province say about who we are as Capuchins; and what difference the Constitutions has in our Capuchin Franciscan life in New York and New England. We will interpret this chapter of the Constitutions through the core Capuchin charism of fraternal life and the peripheral charisms of contemplation (prayer), minority, and God's justice and peace.

This afternoon, a little prepatory work on the next issue of the newsletter. Spoke to my sister for the first time this year -- hooray! Now, to a check-in meeting with my formation advisor, then prayerful silence, night prayer, and a little communal recreation.


The sun is everywhere. The heat is not. Looking for the light and heat to come together.

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