Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Go Lower, Become Higher

Lectio Divina

... it was not to angels....

Hebrews 2:5

We are not disembodied persons. We are not destined to become angels. We will not become disincarnate in heaven. We are human. We are destined to be prophets, like Martin Luther King Jr., and saints, like Francis of Assisi. We meet the world to come in this world. Bound for glory, we get there by being lowly, here and now.


Reading The Constitutions of the Capuchin Friars Minor, Mumford, and whatever else the Spirit puts before me.


This morning, Mass in our back chapel, with Brother Jack as the presider. Now, continuing our class sessions on the Capuchin Constitutions and beginning our small group presentations today. This afternoon, working on the newsletter and perhaps squeezing in an hour on the treadmill or on the pleasant country paths surrounding the seminary.


Sometimes the heat doesn't work in one of the seminary residence halls or another. It's our favorite parlor game, guessing how cold it will be outside and how warm it will be inside.

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