Saturday, January 5, 2013

See Your Goodness

Lectio Divina

"Here is a true child of Israel."

John 1:47

A good sermon from our novice director this morning, proceeding from these words of Jesus. May we, who so often get stuck in the slough of despond when we consider our frailty and fallibility, our weaknesses and our failures, remember that God believes in us even more than we believe in ourselves. May we have the courage (not the same as pride or ego) to recognize the goodness in ourselves and be transformed by God's ultimate affirmation of us.


Today's readings (see Log, below):

Moskowitz, Isa Chandra, and Romero, Terry Hope. Vegan Pie in the Sky. Cambridge, Mass.: Da Capo, 2011.

Stepaniak, Jo. The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook. Summertown, Tenn.: Book Publishing Co., 2003.


Morning prayer and Mass in the classroom one more time. We have migrated now to the back chapel, where we will pray in common for the rest of the month, until the main chapel renovations are completed.

Evening prayer was in the back chapel, but I was not there. From the late morning until six in the evening, I spent most of the day baking and cooking for the evening meal. It was breakfast for dinner! A treat for the brothers and fun to prepare. I baked a tofu quiche, made without egg and milk, with spinach, onion, and mushrooms and a whole wheat pastry crust; vegan blueberry pancakes; home fries (which, though greasy and not so good for you, are vegan, too); and a blueberry buckle cake (also ... you guessed it). Along with a fruit salad and my cooking partner's baked French toast and bacon, and we had a great meal. Very few leftovers, which is what really tells the tale. Feeling satisfied at having put in a good and honest day's work, with energy left to spare. Now, to the treadmill, then joining the brothers for either a film (the next part of the movie about Pope John XXIII) or a puzzle. 


Bright as sun, blue as sky; temperate; looking and feeling fine.

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