Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Body to Offer

Lectio Divina

A body you prepared for me.

Hebrews 10:5 (see also Psalm 40:6-7)


Finished reading selected chapters of Cone, The Cross and the Lynching Tree, and much invigorated by his prophetic fire. How Cone, a black liberation theologian from the African Methodist Episcopal tradition, loves the cross and the crucified Christ! How his faith is strengthened and challenged by the cross and crucified Savior! But how different from the way a Catholic, especially a Franciscan, loves the Crucified and his cross. I need to ponder this some more.

Now to Basil, John Chrysostom, and Gregory of Nyssa, and hoping to correspond soon with my reading buddies about what I have read. Thinking about the holiness of bodies. Also thinking a lot about the nature of sacrifice -- of making things holy -- and how sacrifice effects redemption. Looking also to distinguish sacrifice from the suffering that so often accompanies sacrifice.


Had our day of recollection with Bill Wicks of the Secular Franciscans. Now praying that with the help of groups like the Secular Franciscans, the Church may fully promote the dignity -- and fulfillment -- of secular vocations. After all, most of the children of God in the body of Christ are called to holiness in the world.

Now, a gentle evening with the brothers. Planning to watch a couple of religious documentaries with them. Tomorrow, off to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.


Warm and pleasant. Dare I say it is getting warmer? Dare I be a groundhog and say spring is around the corner?

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