Friday, January 25, 2013

Return to Galilee

Lectio Divina

Jesus returned to Galilee....

Luke 4:14

In my haste to return to my Jerusalem (Boston?) and Rome (New York?), do I forget or despise the Galilees of my pilgrimage? Be patient, breathe, and remain where you are. Before you do something, learn how to do nothing, so as to let God truly do the moving.


Read the early and patristic sources pertaining to theologies of the body in ancient Christianity. Now continuing Cone, The Cross and the Lynching Tree.


Going gently from morning prayer, Mass, and breakfast to the prison. The next novitiate newsletter will publish tomorrow, and you will get the electronic link in a few more days.

This evening, faith sharing in our own small groups, then a little bit of communal recreation before turning to the kitchen to begin preparations for the Saturday evening meal. Your correspondent hit Double Zero on the roulette wheel: I'll be cooking for the fraternity both Saturday and Sunday. Every three weeks (22 days, to be exact) a novice begins his eight-day shift of kitchen duties, which entails clean-up after meals on the first six days, and setup for the evening meal on the last two, assisting the kitchen manager who prepares our weekday meals. When those final two days fall on the weekend, you do the cooking yourself. My latest shift in the kitchen began last Sunday, which is why I will now be cooking twice. You know what that means: all the vegan you can eat! My carnivorous brothers need not fear, for there will be animal-based protein foods, too. 

The chocolate banana cheesecake was a hit. In fact, it's already gone.


The skies poured forth a half inch of rain yesterday. We expect more rain today. The creeks have begun to run again. Some streets in Santa Barbara County actually flooded. May the wellsprings run so deep and broad within my heart, too.

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