Monday, November 12, 2012

War No More

Lectio Divina

... nor shall they train for war again.

Isaiah 2:4

Saint Martin of Tours, pray for us. Saint Francis of Assisi, pray for us.
Blessed Franz Jagerstatter, pray for us.


Continuing with Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and Mumford, The City in History.


This morning, resuming our class sessions on celibacy, led by our formation team. This afternoon, spiritual direction at Old Mission Santa Barbara. This evening, schola rehearsal.

This week Bro. Bob Toomey, a Capuchin friar from the Province of Saint Augustine, is visiting San Lorenzo. He was the director of the Capuchin Franciscan Volunteer Corps for his province the year I volunteered in Baltimore, 2002-03. In the spring of 2002 my discernment of a calling to religious life with the Capuchins had taken a doubtful turn, and had it not been for Brother Bob keeping the door open for me by offering me a placement with four other lay young adults in Baltimore, we might well have gone our separate ways for good. So thank you, Brother Bob, for keeping one foot in the door, and God's peace and goodness be with you.


Cool but not yet frosty. May the frost stay away, but if it should ever appear, may the sun quickly make it to disappear.

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