Friday, November 30, 2012

To the Ends of the World

Lectio Divina

“Their voice has gone forth to all the earth,
and their words to the ends of the world.”

Romans 10:18


Catching up on my Catholic periodicals. Continuing to read the biography of Saint Colette. Will return to Mumford, The City in History, when I am able, for class assignments and current affairs come first. The Mumford text will be long-term leisure reading and continuing education.


This morning, we celebrated Mass in Spanish for the first time in the novitiate, and I sincerely hope we will do it again a few more times. The music was good (the schola rehearsed the Mass parts on Monday), and the Spirit was quite present. And I do not know where the time went -- ordinarily we finish Mass in 40 minutes, but we went for a little over an hour. Where did the time go? We were in the flow.

Now, just returned with my novice brother from our first day of weekly ministry to the Catholic prisoners in the low-security and medium-security facilities at FCC Lompoc. We introduced ourselves; the men introduced themselves; we shared how our respective faith communities practice our religion; and we described what we propose to do in the faith sharing group.

It feels like a victory, a triumph that we are there at last. Our mere presence is enough to cheer the hearts of the men who are leading their faith communities. Make no mistake, their small faith communities are Church, never mind the walls, bars, and fences. If every Friday is like the one we had today, ministry is going to be an experience of phenomenal power, bursting with positive spiritual energy. My novice brother and I feel spent, but we are a good kind of tired. We have begun our ministry well -- the men made it easy, given their enthusiasm -- and we aim to continue with the same fervor that we have begun. The Spirit of God penetrates all barriers, crosses all borders, and sheds light in every dark place. Indeed, the Word of God goes forth to the ends of the world, even to the dead ends of prison corridors.


Looking cloudy (and threatening) all around, but when the sun shines, the light is irrepressible.

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