Saturday, November 10, 2012

Share Kindly

Lectio Divina

It was kind of you to share in my distress.

Philippians 4:14


Continuing with the new reads, the Hurston and Mumford books. For meditation this morning, toted to the chapel the October issue of The Pilgrim, a little literary newsletter written by homeless and recently housed persons who worship with the Episcopal Cathedral Church of Saint Paul in Boston, and with Ecclesia Ministries, the ecumenical spiritual community for Boston's homeless. What a beautiful offering they give, they who give from their poverty. Let me learn to see such sacrifices (literally, holy makings) as the most precious gifts.

I last shared pieces from The Pilgrim around Holy Week; I must share some more of them now. Watch this space.


Keeping a flexible schedule today as all hands are at the ready to take their turn baking, cooking, setting up the refectory and grounds for the Sunday gala appreciation luncheon. Otherwise, continuing in the conventional house chores and holding to our appointed hours of prayer.


The chapel, dormitories, and refectory are less nippy now that the heat has been turned on, but things still feel cold to the touch. It is up to us to bring warmth.

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