Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Come Down Quickly

Lectio Divina

"Zacchaeus, come down quickly."

Luke 19:5


Continuing with the same readings as before.


This morning, continuing our class sessions on the vow of obedience as mediated by the Church in the context of religious life, with an examination of Francis of Assisi's writings on obedience.

This afternoon, a good meeting with my formation advisor to discuss my first formal evaluation, reviewing the recent past and looking into the immediate future. Thinking about the resolutions I am making to improve the quality of my fraternal presence to all within the community.

This evening, cycling off of kitchen cleanup duties. But I will be occupied with Thanksgiving Day preparations. Tomorrow, I will prepare a pie crust for the apple pie I am baking (vegan, of course). On Thanksgiving I am on call as a "cook's aide," setting the refectory tables and cleaning pots and pans as they accumulate.


Cooler than yesterday, but most acceptable.

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