Friday, November 9, 2012

All She Had

Lectio Divina

She, from her poverty, has contributed all she had.

Mark 12:44

Would that I showed the charity of the poor widow! I can; may it be so.


Venturing into Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and Mumford, The City in History. The latest America and National Catholic Reporter await, too.

But most delighted this week with the letters that came from my soul-friends back East, one still in Cambridge, Mass., the other also a Boston acquainted, now living in Canada. What wonders their greetings have done for me. They bless me to the pith of my heart.


A busy day at Catholic Charities in Santa Maria, with much unloading of wholesale and USDA canned goods, cereals, grains, juice, and pears and plums. Breads of all sorts, and plenty of vegetables, mainly greens and squash. Made room in the cooler for meat donations coming Monday. Also, donations of baby food and sundry canned goods from folks in the community. Thanksgiving is coming, and people are remembering how generous they can be. I hope they continue to remember the day after the feast. I hope I remember, too.

When will I begin the ministry at the federal prison in Lompoc? The shadow of the Holy Spirit knows. We're negotiating a schedule with the supervisory chaplain. We must wait and see what is possible, and after all options are considered, accept whatever arrangement is available. Patience....

This evening, faith sharing on the Sunday gospel, and then I may duck into the kitchen for some late night baking. On Sunday the entire fraternity is remaining at San Lorenzo for worship, and following Mass we will hold a luncheon for the committee and volunteers who organized the September gala that raised over $30,000 for the seminary. Everyone is part of the planning; everyone is part of the hospitality. My part: vegan peanut butter cookies, and maybe a batch of oatmeal raisin, too.


Wearing five thin layers, from the habit down to the undershirt, to throw off the morning and evening chill. Thankful for the warmth generating from within.

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