Monday, April 29, 2013

Pleasing God

Lectio Divina

"... with whom I am well pleased."

Matthew 3:17


Reading Hospitality in the chapel. Johnson, Friends of God and Prophets, and Lawler, Secular Marriage, Christian Sacrament, on my desk.


Yesterday, for the evening meal, served pasta (spaghetti), both plain and a Mediterranean mix of olives, tomatoes, and fake feta (made with tofu marinated in miso brine). Turkey meatballs on the side, as well as tomato sauce canned by one of our novice brothers from produce grown in our vegetable garden. I steamed some carrots and recycled some mixed vegetables, and I tossed a spinach salad with cranberries and toasted almonds and a white wine vinaigrette. And we served some garlic bread, too, with "fake butter." Then, the desserts: two cappuccino mousse pies (non-dairy), and a chocolate ice cream pie.

I will miss cooking and baking for 30 friars plus guests when novitiate ends. And while it is gratifying to receive compliments from the brothers for the food they have enjoyed, I derive the greater satisfaction from knowing I have done something pleasing for God. For in feeding my brothers, I feed Christ. And in cooking well, I have done something beautiful for God.

This week, class sessions on Franciscan approaches to ministry and mission. This afternoon, spiritual direction in Santa Barbara. This evening, schola practice (presumably).


Spring is risen ... spring is truly risen indeed. Slacks and tube socks, and thinner layers under the habit.

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